I passed MB2-706 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Deployment!

It’s been so busy for me recently, I managed to get another CRM certificate – MB2-706. I think I should take some notes about the exam. 

The exam has various questions on various topics as mentioned in the exam description: Exam MB2-706

It was really help to study based on the exam description. I tried to stick to the description and mostly studied the topics from Administrator Guide . I also to studied Deployment Guide.

I would also recommend you check out exam revisions from MVP Neil Parkhurst: MB2-710 – Revision Guide, and MB2-715 – Revision Guide.

It is also a good idea to create a trial instance, and practice everything you read. That’s what I did.

One thing to note that because Dynamics CRM is a product benefiting your Client and Users, you should focus on what you think is most important to those, even to small details.

Good luck!

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