The attribute with AttributeId = ‘guid’ was not found in the MetadataCache

I encountered this error when trying to export the solution from Dev environment. There was little information in the exception or the log file, but I could guess that something had been deleted and it didn't update the MetadataCache (or the solution) somehow. After googling, I found the solution is to delete the attribute/component from … Continue reading The attribute with AttributeId = ‘guid’ was not found in the MetadataCache

Set up Access Team

Enable Access Team in entity configurationCreate an Access Team by navigating to Settings > Security > Access TeamsAdd Access Team Subgrid in entity form with configs:Records: All record typesEntity: UsersDefault View: Associated Record Team MembersTeam template: created team at step 2.

Sync Office 365 User Photos to CRM Users with Flow

Background I got a requirement that the client needs user profile photos in Office 365 to be synced to CRM Users. It is Dynamics 365 CE Online, and users don't change profile photo often. There is no OOB way to achieve it so I need to develop custom synchronization. The workflow First of all, I … Continue reading Sync Office 365 User Photos to CRM Users with Flow

“Record is unavailable” error when publishing solution

Problem When publishing unmanaged solution, this error shows up Record Is Unavailable The requested record was not found or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it. Although you have system admin role. Even worse, the download error log button is disabled and you can't find out which component causing the error. Solution Clearly … Continue reading “Record is unavailable” error when publishing solution

Introducing Deduplicator for XrmToolBox

Have you encountered these limitations when working with Duplicate Detection functionalities in Dynamics 365? You can include only 450 characters in the matchcode. Either change or delete rule conditions to reduce the number of characters included, and then try again. Bulk Detect Duplicate Limit Exceeded. The Bulk Duplicate Detection job cannot detect more than 5000 … Continue reading Introducing Deduplicator for XrmToolBox

Field Restriction in Alternate Keys

Alternate keys is a useful functionality introduced from CRM 2016. It allows you specify one or more fields to be an alternate key and use it to identify a record instead of using GUID. This is extremely helpful when you work with data migration and/or data integration between systems. More about Altenate Keys here. Only … Continue reading Field Restriction in Alternate Keys

Release of ‘Get Total Records Count Solution’ Dynamics 365 Solution

SharePoint & CRM

Although I created this some time ago in order to get an accurate count of important records in our system it’s taken me some time to tidy it up and get it ready for release to the public.

The project and all source code are available on GitHub, feel free to use it in any manner you see fit, however, I’d appreciate being credited and hearing about whatever you do with it.

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Social Pane control not working in custom forms?

This may save you hours of searching!

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What with being so busy with clients, combined with the growth of the CRM community, it’s been a long time since I discovered anything genuinely new that hadn’t already been blogged about elsewhere. Finally, over 18 months since my last post, I found something worth shouting about!

The Social Pane just shows as Notes on custom forms

I manage an ISV solution that is developed in CRM Online. The solution began life in the 2011 guise but I’ve recently upgraded to CRM Online 2013 and I’m in the process of redesigning forms. I wanted to use the new “Social Pane” style control that surfaces Activity, Notes and Wall Posts and is best seen on the native “Account” form. Several blog posts will tell you that this control can be added to your form by clicking on the familiar “Notes” button in the Form Designer. The problem was, on my custom…

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