Retrieve Record using Alternate Keys

Instead of retrieve a single record using Entity IOrganizationService.Retrieve(string entityName, Guid id, ColumnSet columnSet); You can easily retrieve the record using its alternate keys if you don't have the id in advance: var keys = new KeyAttributeCollection { { "new_parent", parentRef.Id }, { "new_code", "code01" } }; var request = new RetrieveRequest { ColumnSet = … Continue reading Retrieve Record using Alternate Keys

Set up Access Team

Enable Access Team in entity configurationCreate an Access Team by navigating to Settings > Security > Access TeamsAdd Access Team Subgrid in entity form with configs:Records: All record typesEntity: UsersDefault View: Associated Record Team MembersTeam template: created team at step 2.

“Record is unavailable” error when publishing solution

Problem When publishing unmanaged solution, this error shows up Record Is Unavailable The requested record was not found or you do not have sufficient permissions to view it. Although you have system admin role. Even worse, the download error log button is disabled and you can't find out which component causing the error. Solution Clearly … Continue reading “Record is unavailable” error when publishing solution