[Exp+1] Bug in Calculated and Rollup Fields

I created a new CRM Online trial to try out latest features from July Update 2017. The version is 1612 ( (DB online.

When playing with calculated field and rollup field. I found errors in the two fields. I think they are bugs, but not sure if they are from the same root cause.

First, for the calculated field, I created 3 single-line text fields. The third one will be calculated using CONCAT method to join values from the other two, then put them in a form. When I opened the form, the calculated was read-only with a padlock next to the field control which is expected.


Then I updated text field 1 and text field 2, the calculated field became editable, the padlock disappeared.


Then I tried to update the value in the calculated field and save it. The value was recalculated and updated the field which is OK but the field was still editable.


I reloaded the form and the field was read-only again. I think this doesn’t happen with v8.1.

For rollup field, the bug is worse. I created a rollup field to count related records in a 1:N relationship, and put it in the primary entity form. When I opened a record of the primary entity, the field was read-only which is expected.


Then I hovered to the field, and clicked recalculate button. The value was recalculated correctly, but the field became editable.


Then I tried to enter a new value (1000 in the screenshot), it still displayed the calculated value, but when I hit save and F5 to reload. The field was back to read-only and the value was the value I entered manually.


This is a security hole so I think I will not use this field until it is fixed.

If you have any idea, please comment below.

Let’s exp up!

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